Volume Switcher

Volume Switcher 1.0

Schedule changes to your PDA's volume


  • Easy to configure
  • Separate volume controls for ringer and system sounds


  • You can't configure an end time

Not bad

Don't you find that your phone always goes off at the most inappropriate moment. Of course, you could set it to silent when you go into a cinema, meeting, library, etc. But the trouble with this is you have to remember to do it, then remember to turn sounds back on afterwards.

Thanks to Volume Switcher, this problem is gone forever. The application allows you to automatically set sound volume or switch to silent/vibrate mode at a given time. Through a simple, two-screen interface you can schedule volume changes whenever you like.

The volume level can be set for both the ringer and device sounds, using a couple of handy volume sliders. Volume Switcher allows you to choose how often you want the change to occur: Once, Next 24 Hours, Everyday, or Weekly (note, only the 'Once' option is available in this trial version). You can then set the date and time you want to initiate the change.

The one glaring problem with Volume Switcher is that there is, bizarrely, no 'end time' setting, so you're not able to specify a time when the volume reverts back to normal.

Aside from this issue, however, Volume Switcher makes for a quick and easy way to ensure you're not disturbed by your PDA when you don't want to be.

Volume Switcher


Volume Switcher 1.0

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